10 Pakistani Songs Only 90s Kids Will Remember

Nostalgia is a beautiful drug. Going 15 – 20 years back when we were just kids, remember, how we used to get up early in the morning for school and while we were getting ready, there were some beautiful songs playing on the television?  So let’s have a flashback from our beautiful childhood. There were so many awesome songs that we used to listen when we were kids but these 10 songs will remind you each and every moment of your carefree childhood.

1. Mahbooba  Haroon (2002)

Haroon was a beast back then. We all wish he would make a comeback, and refresh our childhood memories but sadly we can’t have everything we wish. Mahbooba is still one of the best songs ever.

2. Ankhon Ko Ankhon Ne  Junaid Jamshed (2000)

Junaid Jamshed was one the most handsome singers in Pakistan. Unfortunately, he died in a plane crash in December 2016.  We all grew up listening to his songs. Ankhon ko ankhon ne was no less than a masterpiece. Thanks to Junaid Jamshed.

3. Patang Baaz  Fariha Parvez (2000)

Fariha Parvez was such diva back in the days. This was the most popular song during basant season in Lahore. This song used to be aired on PTV, ATV and different radio channels.

4. Dilruba  Faakhir Mehmood (2003)

Dilruba was a sponsored song by Pantene Shampoo. Go listen to this song again and you will be like, “Uff yaar, bachpan ki yaadein taaza ho gaeen”

5. Tera Mukhra HaseenShahzad Roy (2002)

Shahzad Roy started his singing career in 1995 and became one of the most versatile singers of Pakistani music industry. Tara Mukhra was one of his masterpieces as well as one of our beautiful childhood memories.

6. Kaho ik Din  Ahmed jahanzaib (2008)

Even in 2018 this song still plays in the cars in Pakistan. It is one the best songs ever written. Its music and lyrics are so powerful that this song will get you emotional in a few seconds.

7. Boohey Barian  Hadiqa Kiani (2007)

Listen to this song and it will remind you of the times when we used to watch PTV with our family members and enjoy this sweet song by Hadiqa Kiani. Memories are so peaceful.

8. Paaniyon MeinSajjad Ali (2002)

This song can’t be admired enough. So peaceful, so relaxing. Sajjad Ali is one of the most senior and decent singers in Pakistan. His voice is still the same and his work is still remarkable.

9. Pardesi  Abarar Ul  Haq (2004)

Pardesi is a sad song about people who went abroad and could never return due to their work or other stuff. If you have a friend or family member who lives abroad, it’s time to make them emotional. Just send this song to them on Whatsapp and the job will be done in a few seconds.

10. Ishq Mohabbat Apna Pan  Shabnam Majeed (2003)

A sponsored song by Supreme Tea, used to be aired on ATV and PTV based on the real story of Anarkali. Ishq Muhabbat Apna Pan is undoubtedly one extremely nostalgic masterpiece.

So, these are ten carefully chosen songs that will remind us of sweet moments of our childhood.

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