4 Best Cinemas in Pakistan

Since it is Eid-ul-Adha, many of you are planning to go out with your friends and family to watch new blockbuster movies. Maybe it is hard for you to decide which cinema is best or you just want to try out a new movie theater where you haven’t been before. We have chosen 4 best cinemas in Pakistan that you should take under consideration before you go.

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Top 4 cinemas in Pakistan are as follows:

1.     Universal Cinemas

Universal Cinemas are located in various areas of two cities of Pakistan, Lahore and Multan. They have the best sitting arrangements as well as fabulous food. They have cool and clean environment. The management is also very cooperative and you would love to be there.  Giving high competition to other cinemas in Pakistan, Universal cinemas offer massive screens with state of the art technology, crystal clear digital sound and projection, Dolby Atmos to give you a wonderful listening experience, surround sound and powerful base.

Universal Cinemas offer various packages which are as follows:

  • Ultra Experience
  • Gold Experience
  • Premium Experience

2.     CineStar IMAX

CineStar IMAX is located at Civic Center Township, Lahore. It is formerly known as Anmol Cinema. After redesigning and renovation into a Hi-Tech Cinema it has become CineStar. What separates CineStar from other cinemas is that it is the only Cinema in Pakistan with exclusive rights for IMAX. Their seating capacity is 581. The Gold Box has 10 Reclining seats and The Silver has 7 Reclining seats.

What does CineStar offer?

  • Great Ambiance and Cool Environment
  • Gold and Silver Boxes with Reclining Seats
  • Cafeteria Serving Local and Imported Food Items


“CineStar is a hallmark of cinematic experience in Pakistan. It’s always a thrilling ride to watch any movie in their theatres, from the service, to the amenities, all brimmed to perfection. One the best cinemas in Pakistan”

3.     Sozo World

Sozo World cinema is located at Fortress Stadium, Lahore. It offers two types of screens, Sozo Max and Sozo Gold. Sozo Max has 420 seats with amazing cinematic experience. It is equipped with high-end digital technology with largest screen in Pakistan. This technology is imported from Germany and Sozo World is the only cinema across the country with this technology. You will not find such facilities in other cinemas in Paksitan.

Whereas, Sozo Gold has 100 seating capacity. It allows you watch your favorite movies in high class luxury. Sozo Gold is mini-theatre with limited audience capacity. Sozo World is one of the best cinemas in Pakistan.

4.     Cinepax

Cinepax is one the most popular cinemas in Pakistan which is located in various cities across the country including Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Hyderabad, Islamabad and Sialkot.

Cinepax offers different packages which are described below:

  • The Gold Experience

Extra conformable, fully reclining chairs, burgers, popcorns & candies, coffee & cold drinks and most importantly Big Screens.

  • The Platinum Experience

3D experience with amazing food!

  • The CMAXX Experience

Let’s just say it’s the most luxurious package. That’s all.

So folks, these are the best cinemas in Pakistan. Now whenever, you decide to watch a movie with your friends and family, keep these 4 cinemas at the top of your preference list. Keep coming back for more interesting articles, urdu quotes and fun stuff.

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