4 Weird but Funny Hobbies of Desi Aunties

Those who don’t know what “Desi Aunty” means, desi aunty is a term for middle aged Indian and Pakistani women. They are still stuck up in their time but like to think that they are ahead of the world and everything in the universe revolves around them. Nothing is hidden from them and they know it all.

Let’s just say, “An annoying middle aged south Asian woman who likes to tell the younger generation, how much of a mess they are and how good THEIR time used to be.” would be the right definition of a desi aunty. (No pun intended)

Anyways, there are some mind blasting 4 weird but funny hobbies of desi aunties that they have adapted since ages, which are explained below:

1.     Gossip is Life

To be very honest, gossiping is the most popular hobby of desi aunties. They can live without food, oxygen and water but God forbid if they could just live a single day without gossiping about things that have absolutely nothing to do with them.  They gossip about almost every possible thing from the dress someone wears to the guy someone’s daughter has recently caught dating with. Almost feels like they have been going to some “gossip public school” to learn this magnificent art.

2.     Aunty 007

Spying is the 2nd favorite hobby of almost 75% of desi aunties. They have their own “secret intelligence service” which has left even MI6, CIA and ISI behind. The amount of information they have is beyond the universe. Detective aunties work in groups and they have their secret agents all around the globe.

She knows whose wife is having an affair with whom, whose daughter got recently divorced, whose son is dating a girl in his university. And you will just sit there like, “How does she know all this?”

You think no one knows whom you are dating? Detective aunty knows and she will tell you that this is wrong. She will start lecturing you like,”Dating someone is wrong beta ji, you belong to a good family, banday ke puttar bano, marry her first and then date her!! Very wrong.”

After teaching you all these pious things she will move on to the step 1 which is called gossiping. She will gossip about you with other secret agents.

3.     Rishta Hunting

Rishta hunting is one the most favorite hobbies of desi aunties. According to desi aunties, marriage is the solution to every problem. If you’re a pretty girl and sitting alone or with your parents at a function or party, rishta aunty will come sit with you, will start interviewing you or will start chit chat with your parents like, “MashaAllah such a beautiful daughter you have”, “how old is she?”, “Oh, she is not 18 yet?”, “Are you looking for prospective grooms?”, “I have a son, 6 feet tall, doesn’t smoke at all and well settled in Finland”.

And the most cliché answer by your parents will be, “Our daughter is studying yet.”

4.     Can’t Resist Showing Off

That’s right. Desi aunties can’t help showing off. They will show off every single thing they have which includes, an expensive chappal she bought, branded dress she wore, a gift that she received from her brother who lives in Canada, expensive school where her kids study, how much her husband earns and how much jewelry she has etc.

Anyways, there are many other hobbies but these are the top 4 most hilarious hobbies of our beloved desi aunties. Hope you enjoyed reading. Keep coming back for more interesting posts and Urdu quotes on Chill Program.

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