5 Funny Habits of Desi Love Birds

Every other person is falling in love these days. Have you ever seen a couple sitting next to you giving an overdose of love and care to each other? Like, “Aww baby, you’re looking so cute, my teddy bear, c’mere, let me hug you and kiss you” and so on… Yep! These kind of creatures and their habits is what we are going to talk about in this post.

Basically, this behavior among our desi romeos and juliets’ is driven by a lot of highly love-oriented Bollywood movies and TV shows. They watch this kind of stuff all the time. They listen to cheesy, romantic Bollywood songs and begin to think that love is the only thing that they should worry about. According to them, it is okay if you don’t properly eat or sleep but not taking your daily dose of love and affection is extremely harmful to your mind and body. In this article we are going to talk about the most common habits of desi love birds.

So, let’s get started with 5 common habits of pakistani couples that are nearly impossible to break.

1.     Possessiveness

Possessiveness stands # 1 on the list. Both of them would be so possessive they would not even share each other with their parents. Some of the most possessive dialogues that they would speak to each other are as follows.

  • “You are mine and mine alone.”
  • “No one comes between us, you hear me?”
  • “Just drop everything you are up to and give me your time.”
  • “Hey babe, I made us a joint Instagram account :D”

These dialogues are very common in desi relationships. Then there comes a time when other possessive and protective dialogues that are related to social media enter the game.

Girlfriend’s dialogues:

  • “Why did you like that girl’s pictures on Facebook? Sister-zone her right away!”
  • “Why does that girl on Instagram keeps commenting on your pictures all the time? Tell her you are not single!”
  • “Why are you not using smilies in your texts?”
  • “I don’t like when you put sign of exclamation at the end of your texts… It feels rude to me.”

Boyfriend’s dialogues:

  • “Why is that guy on Twitter flirting with you? Bro-zone him or something.”
  • “Today, I checked your profile, the guy you bro-zoned yesterday is still flirting with you. Block him babe.”

So, as you can see, it is very hard to imagine Pakistani couples without this level of possessiveness. They need to chill and cut each other some slack.

2.     Cliché Questions

“Khana khaya?”, “Baby ne lunch kiya?”, “What did you eat today?”, “Orrrrr… what are you up to?”, “Did you miss me?”, “Hmmm… naraz ho?”, “Where have you been busy all day?”, “Phone ki battery kitne percent reh gei hai?”…  These are some common questions of Pakistani couples to extend the conversation. One word replies really hurt them though. They want a good explanation of every question they ask. Otherwise, things might get little messy.

3.     Late Night Chats

Late night calls and text messages are very common among Pakistani couples. They would start a conversation on any topic and keep discussing it till 4 o’clock in the morning. After that they feel surprised, how time passed so fast.

4.     Stalking When No-Talking

During their temporary breakups, they stop talking and start stalking each other on Facebook, Twitter, Kik, SnapChat, Instagram, Whatsapp, Viber and so on… Also they like to read old text messages of their love during their mini-breakups.

5.     Awakes Their Inner Child

The amount of love and care their partner gives them, it awakes their inner-kid and start talking dumb and silly things like, “mela aloo”, “mela gobi”, ”mela baby”, ”sholly baby”, “lub u baby” etc.

So, that’s it fellas. Keep visiting Chill Program for more interesting articles and amazing urdu quotes.

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