Top 7 Most Beautiful National Parks of Pakistan

Since everyone loves to visit parks, we have created a list of top national parks of Pakistan. Pakistani people are very fond of visiting places within the country and national parks are one of them.

Let’s get started with top 7 most amazing national parks of Pakistan.

1.     Bagh-e-Jinnah, Lahore

Bagh-e-Jinnah, also known as Lawrence Gardens, located in the city of Lahore is one of the most popular national parks of Pakistan. The park has a lot of flowers and greenery all around. Masjid Dar-ul-Islam and Quaid-e-Azam Library are also located within the area. Entertainment spots and sports facilities are also available within the park like, the Gymkhana Cricket Ground, an outdoor movie theater, many cafetieres, a restaurant and a tennis court. Bagh-e-Jinnah is situated on Lawrence Road beside Lahore Zoo and faces the Governor’s House on The Mall Road.

2.     Hill Park, Karachi

Hill Park is located in a residential area in Karachi called PECHS. The park is quite beautiful and wonderful place for both, children and adults. Hill Park is brimming with greenery and colorful flowers. Rides are also available for the kids within the park. Hill Park is a pretty amazing place to walk around. It has many entertainment spots, hill top, a lake and other enjoyment facilities. Families and couples from all over the city visit Hill Park on the weekends.

3.     Lake View Park, Islamabad

Lake View Park, also known as Rawal Lake Park is located in Islamabad. While heading out to Murree from Islamabad, there is a road that turns right just before Barakahu and reaches this amazing park. This beautiful park is newly constructed and has become a favorite amusement spot for the people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi to have fun at. It is located beside Rawal Lake. This is one of the must-visit national parks of Pakistan.

4.     Bagh-e-Naran, Peshawar

Bagh-e-Naran is such a wonderful place for children and families who live in Peshawar, the capital city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. There are many beautiful green areas in Peshawar and Bagh-e-Naran is on top of the list. Even people from Punjab and other provinces love to visit this fabulous Park during the trip.

5.     Hazarganji Chiltan Park, Quetta

Hazarganji Chiltan Park is located in Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan. Hazarganji actually means “a thousand treasures”. Natives believe that there are thousands of treasures that belong to various nations are buried under the grounds of this Park. Hazarganji Chiltan Park is curiously visited by, nature lovers, researchers, scientists, geologists and students from all over the country. It is considered one of the largest national parks of Pakistan.

6.     Shah Shams Park, Multan

Shah Shams Park is located in Shamsabad colony in Multan which is also known as “The city of saints”. This park has a lot of rides for children and adults. Also there is an artificial lake for boating, a small zoo, and the tomb of the great saint Shah Shams Tabrizi within the park. People from various cities across the country make sure to visit this wonderful Park when they go to Multan.

7.     Gatwala Forest Park, Faisalabad

Gatwala Forest Park is a wildlife park, greenhouse and reproducing center situated in the town of Gatwala in the city of Faisalabad. The primary attractions in Gatwala Park are the huge greenery, many colorful flowers, a few rides for youngsters, flowing canals through the park, a large jungle and a couple of lakes. One lake is for boating purpose for the tourists and the other lake is reserved for so many crocodiles to live. We recommend our readers to visit this amazing national park of Pakistan.

Hope you have a little understating of the above mentioned national parks of Pakistan. Keep coming back for latest interesting articles and beautiful Urdu quote.

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