Pakistani actresses

6 Most Sensual and Hottest Pakistani Actresses

Pakistan produces the best of on-screen characters and actresses. Their Pakistani media industry is a standout amongst the most well-known for creating mind-blowing dramas. The performing artists who work in them are appreciated and loved by fans. Our women are gifted as well as they are excessively wonderful. Their style, their excellence, their performance– there’s Read more about 6 Most Sensual and Hottest Pakistani Actresses[…]

Best Cinemas in Pakistan

4 Best Cinemas in Pakistan

Since it is Eid-ul-Adha, many of you are planning to go out with your friends and family to watch new blockbuster movies. Maybe it is hard for you to decide which cinema is best or you just want to try out a new movie theater where you haven’t been before. We have chosen 4 best Read more about 4 Best Cinemas in Pakistan[…]

amazing Pakistani dramas

6 Amazing Pakistani Dramas You Won’t Get Bored Watching

Pakistani dramas have become extremely popular all around the world, especially our neighboring country India and western countries like UK, USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. Due to their stunning plots, wonderful dialogues and immensely great scripting people like to spend more time watching Pakistani dramas than watching those long never ending Indian TV serials or Read more about 6 Amazing Pakistani Dramas You Won’t Get Bored Watching[…]

10 Pakistani Songs Only 90s Kids Will Remember

Nostalgia is a beautiful drug. Going 15 – 20 years back when we were just kids, remember, how we used to get up early in the morning for school and while we were getting ready, there were some beautiful songs playing on the television?  So let’s have a flashback from our beautiful childhood. There were Read more about 10 Pakistani Songs Only 90s Kids Will Remember[…]