10 Funniest Desi Halaal Pick-Up Lines Ever

Pakistan is the land of 3rd sexiest men in the world.. but what exactly makes them so sexy & desirable besides their looks? Yep, their mind blowing verbal skills towards females (pun intended). So, here are 10 funniest (cheesiest) pick-up lines by our desi Romeos:

1.     “Mashallah girl.. Allah has blessed you with everything.. except my phone number.”


OMG!!, You nailed it my man!

2.     “Can I have your number? So I can wake you up on fajr?”


Yeah sure, that would be great.

3.     “We are like ketchup & fries, perfect for each other.”


Wow, we are so delicious.


4.     “Baby, you’re hotter than garam masala.”



Yeah, try not to get burned.

5.     “Hey girl, can your feet be my children’s jannah?”


Dude!! Seriously??!

6.     “Girl, are you gulab jamun? Because you are the sweetest.”


But isn’t that brown??

7.     “Hey girl, I don’t like to brag but my father is a Landlord.”


Okay, let’s build our own White House.

8.     “My life without you is like a samosa without chutney.”


Okay but “My life without you is like biryani without raita” would have been more romantic.

9.     “Are you an Islamic loan? Because I don’t understand how you keep saying you have no interest.”


This is actually hilarous.

10.     “You put the desi in desirable.”


Thank you. Thank you so much.

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