March 28, 2018

Find Beautiful Quotations in Urdu on Pictures

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Internet stuff keeps us quite busy these days and we all want to share amazing stuff or write some wonderful captions for our social profiles like Instagram, Twitter and FB etc. Most of the times we find it hard to think of some awesome descriptions for our images and videos that we want to share. For that purpose, quotations in Urdu written in English fonts is the best way to express our thoughts and feelings.

We publish amazing quotations in Urdu with pictures for our visitors, which you can easily save to your phone or laptop and use later for your social media posts. We can even publish beautiful quotations on the demand of our visitors. You can simply drop us a message for that.
So, take your time to find amazing quotes in Urdu about life and love on our website. We upload amazing quotes in Urdu almost every week on five topics and these five topics cover almost every aspect of a person’s life. So, we made it easy for the users to read or simply share their favorite quotations with their friends or followers.

All beautiful quotes in Urdu with pictures are available in the text form as well so that visitors can simply copy the text for their captions, tweets or even SMS. Moreover, quotations in Urdu are written in easily readable fonts and colorful text. Once they are posted on Whatsapp status, your friends would love them and hopefully ask you to send them as well. Have fun visiting Chill Program.