10 Awesome Things You Can Do With Mangoes

Mango is also known as the king of the fruits. Since this is summer season or let’s say season of mangoes is here, we have decided to publish a mango appreciation post for our readers. Pakistani people really do love their mangoes and Multan is famous for producing tons of mangos in a year. There are many wonderful things that you can do with this mouthwatering fruit and we have created a list of 10 amazing things that can be done with a mango to enjoy its taste in different ways.

10 awesome things you can do with mangoes are as follows:

1.     Mango Milkshake

The best thing you can do with a mango is to make mango milkshake, a delicious blend of mangoes, milk, sugar and ice. Mango milkshake is considered a powerful energy drink that can keep you going for hours without eating anything else.

2.     Mango Sauce

Mango sauce is super easy to make. It is a tasty mixture of ripe mangoes, sugar, white vinegar, chopped onions, ginger, minced garlic cloves, red chili pepper and mustard seeds. Mango sauce can be served by spreading on a slice of bread or with parathas in the breakfast. It is quite delicious.

3.     Mango Pickle

Mango pickle is the most popular way to take advantage of unripe mangoes in South Asia, specifically, in Pakistan and India. Pakistani people love to devour mango pickle with their parathas in the breakfast. Just try it if you haven’t already.

4.     Mango-Rita

Originated from margarita, it takes the initial recipe and includes a sprinkle of mango flavor. Pick a mango juice, rather than using lime-juice. Try not to use all the lime, only a sprinkle of lime prevents the drink from being too sweet.

5.     Pulpy Mango Juice

Probably one of the best drinks in the summers. Put small pieces of ripe mangoes, sugar, lemon and a few ice cubes into a blender and within few minutes, your delicious pulpy mango juice will be ready. It really helps the senses in extremely hot weather.

6.     Mango Salad

One of the best uses of mangoes is to make mango salad. Mixing mangoes, cilantro leaves, red chime, onions and pepper together in a bowl is the best way to make a simple yet best-tasting mango salad. Enjoy mango salad before having your actual meal as a tasty appetizer.

7.     Mango Powder

Mango powder is also known as “amchoor”. It is made with unripe and green mangoes and used as a special spice in different food items. Mango powder adds a delicious sour taste in foods and makes them ten times more devour-able.

8.     Mango Bars

Mango bars will make you love mangoes. They are similar to the lemon bars with extra flavor of mangoes. They are covered with bread crust with a smooth mango filling and garnished with minced coconut on the top.

9.     Mango Fruit leather

Mango fruit leather or “aam paparr” is vastly produced in India yet Pakistanis also love it. It is a combination of sweet and sour taste of mangoes in one recipe. Mango fruit roll-ups are made with concentrated sugar, mango pulp and then later dried under the sun. You just can’t get enough of it.

10.    Just have a bite

Just have a simple bite of a mango! Grab a chilled mango from the fridge and cut it into 7 different pieces with a knife. When a mango is eaten chilled, it definitely gives a heavenly feeling to the senses.

Hope you liked these 10 top wonderful things you can do with mangoes that we mentioned above. Check out more interesting blogs and articles on Chill Program.

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