9 Traditional Pakistani Dishes You Must Try

Pakistan has some of the most delightful recipes on the whole planet. Most of Pakistani people have special love for food. Our country is blessed with the infinite amount of special spices and herbs that are used in various food items. We are going to discuss some of the most delicious Pakistani dishes in this article.

9 most traditional Pakistani dishes are as follows:

1.     Biryani

Biryani is a fabulous mix of appetizing yellow rice and either chicken or mutton. The rice gets its color from being cooked along with onions and a couple of pinches of zarda rang, which likewise adds delicious flavor. Some people also like to add potatoes in biryani but most people prefer it without adding potatoes or any other vegetables. It is served along with vegetable salad. Biryani is on top of the traditional Pakistani dishes.

2.     Haleem

Haleem is a blend of multiple staples utilized as a part of Pakistani cuisine, for example, barely, wheat, minced chicken, mutton or beef. Haleem takes a lot of time to prepare because special spices and lentils take proper time to combine with chopped up meat and make an incredible taste that will delight your mouth.

3.     Aloo Keema

Aloo Keema is loved and served in almost every household in Pakistan. It is an incredibly delicious combination of capsicum, minced beef or mutton and potatoes. Aloo Keema is best served with khamiri roti, parathas or roghni naan. It is a simple yet delectable Pakistani dish.

4.     Halva Puri

A puri is a sort of mixture sprinkled with salt and rolled out in a round shape that is then browned in cooking oil. Puri is quite fluffy and light yet sometimes crispy. It is served with a sweet dish called halva, a mixture of sesame seeds, egg whites, and sugar. Chickpea curry is also recommended with halva puri. The blend of sweet and sour flavors brings about a heavenly taste.

5.     Samosa

Samosa is triangular shaped snack made out of flour which is filled with mashed potatoes, onions, herbs, green chilies and various spices. It is then fried in cooking oil until browned. It can also be filled with minced chicken instead of mashed potatoes. Somosas are served with chutney, a mixture of yogurt, ground mint, salt and pepper. It is one of the most traditional Pakistani dishes.

6.     Nihaari

Nihari is another traditional Pakistani dish, which is one of the most delicious stews in Pakistan. It is mostly served in lunch or dinner along with roghni naan. The cooking procedure enables the dish to retain the delightful bone marrow completely. Nihari is one of the good-tasting meat dishes all around the world.

7.     Roghni Naan

Roghni Naan is a Mughal flat bread made with lots of flour, baking soda, curd, poppy seeds, butter, white sesame seeds and oil. It is popular bread that is served with meat dishes and various curries. Roghni Naan is mostly served on special occasions.

8.     Lahori Paaye

Lahori Paaye is one of the best-tasting and most heavenly traditional Pakistani dishes. Paaye is most popular in Lahore, Pakistan. This dish is literally worth dying for. The main ingredients of this dish are trotters of a goat, cow, sheep, or buffalo, cooked with special spices and herbs. Food lovers from all over the country come to Lahore to have a taste of this heavenly dish.

9.     Kofta

Kofta is also a delicious Pakistani dish, which is prepared by shaping minced meat like chicken, mutton or beef into balls then dipped into curry which is made out of different spices and herbs. Koftas or meat balls are best served during lunch time.

So these are the top traditional Pakistani dishes that you ought to try if you are visiting Pakistan. Keep coming back for more interesting articles and blogs.

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