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Why Funny Quotes in Urdu with Pictures?

We all like to share funny quotes in Urdu with our friends on fb, Insta, and whatsapp. Most of our friends are internet junkie, 24/7 online, always chatting with other people and posting funny stuff on their social profiles.

Have you ever wondered where they get all those funny quotes in Urdu and all the fun stuff from? Yes, those images are forwarded to them by their friends but the real question is where each of the funny post in Urdu comes from in the first place.

Well, the answer is simple. There are some people out there who are good at working with Photoshop. They find quotations in the books, movies and novels and write them down on a separate paper or notepad. Then the second thing they do is they open Photoshop and merge all the funny quotes in Urdu with pictures and upload them on the internet for people to read and laugh. They even leave their watermarks on the images to lead the readers back to them.

However, the team of Chill Program does pretty much the same thing but in a whole better and professional way. We publish super funny Urdu status for whatsapp and best quotes in Urdu with images every week for our visitors so that they can make funny post in Urdu for fb insta, twitter and other social media apps. We provide all the quotation in the text form as well so that our visitors can use them as funny captions for their social media profiles or even send them to their friends as SMS.

Have fun visiting Chill Program.

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